Set Rate

Today at work began to focus on utilizing only very clean totes for the fulfillment of customer orders. If the totes were less than clean, some elbow grease and Purell sanitizing wipes did well to remove grubby fingerprints, obsolete stickers or labels, and dirt and dust. When a customer buys an item from Amazon, this order picker wants it to travel on the conveyor in the cleanest possible container.

Remembering our stable practices: how we used to scrub feed tubs and water buckets at the barn for the horses: we would clean them inside and out. So, today, the entire totes got a good going over, not just the bottom of the inside of the tote, which has been the main focus heretofore.

A pathling lay on the front entrance steps: an light green “THIS IS A SET DO NOT SEPARATE sticker label. Some of the letters had faded, some remained dark, hence, the title above.

Four of my favorite things seen in the mods today: a Cube Fish electronics item seen in a flash, Repi Tuff 50 watt Splashproof Halogen lamp, D:fiD: [??} beauty product that comes in an awesome black and blue smallish round jar and CMTorange tool” biscuit joining blade. There is neither rhyme nor reason for the list – they stood out, as did a great 1920’s-inspired paisley gold sequin dress with black velvet and a touch of flapper fringe.

Hope aqua or blue checkbook cover – evidence of things not seen – snarling dog brain picks, Terence Blanchard’s Breathless, A paperback called The Next Dimension is Love by Dorothy Roeder, A lovely cat mug Maneki-Neko Fortune Cat Lucky Cat mug from Japan – of beautiful quality, Humphrey Organic Witch Hazel with its nine alliterative commands, Devon ribbed riding pants, Anne of Green Gables ( have I seen that or not?), a glimpse of a recipe in Paleo 2 cookbook for mustard garlic Brussels Sprouts, Cactus kitties somethingorother, a CANE STAY, an inventive and neat item to keep a person’s walking cane handy, a Renaissance books copy of Of Human Bondage by W, Somerset Maugham with gorgeous cover Art, nice art tools and colorful pens – always everyday. If a person fails to find some item of interest in the course of a day, something to rouse the spirit, sport or imagination – well, the writer of this blog cannot imagine that. You can make stained glass boxes, learn cosmetology, travel, make a business plan ( Business Plans that Win $$$), teach or learn about teaching, repair your hair or someone else’s, read about a sailing journey made a hundred years ago in  The boy, Me and the Cat by Henry Plummer. Have seen and handled all of these things and more at the Universal Emporium known as Amazon.

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