Today we present a compendium of items which presented themselves in the Universal Emporium in no particular arrangement or order beginning with the book Destiny, with a great photograph of author T.D. Jakes commanding the front of the dust jacket. Somehow the photographer came up with a new angle – combined with the presence of the man portrayed – awesome. LG3 distressed geometric phone case with salmon background and black and white triangles, Steelseries Qck pro gaming cloth, the DVD Ghost Town, a comb-bound book of J.S. Bach music, for which the tote must be clean because musician very fastidious, Sado tech wireless doorbell – could use one- Work King high visibility Tough something knit cap in (safety)yell0w, in one bin were three plastic jars of black peppercorns and a bag of Himalayan pink salt and some very cute Sock Monkey yo-yo’s, El compadre Mendoza, Grasping God’s Word. Chefland tools, Neiko 6″ stainless steel digital caliper, Thetford’s Aqua Kem, a Hugo Boss knit cap and scarf set in grey and darker gray in a handsome orange box and the miracle of CK or Calvin Klein How come you can just feel the quality when you touch it? I speak of Ultra-soft flat front pants in the color stone which is similar to what we think of as khaki, and the label 47 brand $& baseball caps, superb stitching and vivid, strong coloration (professional sports teams) my complete admiration for Carters baby clothes. The company and its designers continue to come out with fresh ideas and themes – today seeing rash guard surf dog board shorts for the youngest set, whales and owls and dinosaurs and all other things to delight children and Latin Ballads by Hanan Harchol whose name contains the word charcoal and this makes me think of art class taken at Bucks County Community College in Newtown when we did life drawing in charcoal, three drab olive Soffe shorts, sets of mini-composition books (AH! for the stationery addict), 60 film canisters, the clear ones, brand new, couple of Jefferson Airplane/Starship CD’s and Staedler 30 brilliant colors like Joseph and the amazing technicolor nutcrackerstencil book, surrealist pillow, NH Nature Hike sleeping bag, that’s a beauty! Where the Mountain Meets the Moon completed the day and made it, too.


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