Green Truck, Blue Sky

Someone was driving a Brenntag truck with “Green Truck, Blue Sky” on the side of the cab door at 6:20 this morning. Other gleanings from the commute include: HVAC Distributors, with a near stylized fan logo, two big red Schlouch trucks on a cloverleaf – that company just keeps on growing! – a vehicle with stoner written on it, a group of construction workers with a CAT license plate, TWIFORD electric with a lightning bolt and a fist holding it. Near Kutztown, which just celebrated its birthday with a parade on Saturday, were three road signs announcing Bridge Ices Before Road, Watch for Stopped Vehicles, Expressway Ends [a fraction of a] mile.  A Four Winds cement mixer truck went by, on the radio was a story about the fires in CAlifornia and the four-year drought. Sobrinski painting truck had four color blocks on the hood of its van ( primary plus green) and ABE 3 is being painted with accentuated Black diamonds and it looks cool on the concrete walls.


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