Smart Mail

Stuff from the mods on Thursday, beginning with a Ledge sleeping bag and several bags of Eight O’ Clock coffee. The phrase “Wake up and smell the coffee” crosses my mind when I pull these from the bins, put them into a tote and on to a customer via conveyor. The work is about the stuff, the item, yet it is about much more – it is about the customer, about the expectation of the customer. What is this for? Why does someone need it? Is is a want or a need?

Do you need Umbro SNAP wall decor to put up pictures? They look pretty cool to me. Do you need or want a Kyosho radio part for your flyer? The impression one of their packages gives is of complete quality.

What fun it is to pick a pack of jingle bells! Eighteen to a pack. let me share the allure of 25 action figure stands by Entertainment Earth. So round, so even, so complete and neat in their packaging. There was a pair of Castelli lowboy socks in a bin I had business in, and the socks look A) nice and B) expensive.

Or how about a pacific Legend pink flamingo shirt for a dressy relaxed and casual look for men? Or to outfit a laptop, a Taipan booq space suit.

There is always something nice in makeup, like blinc mascara in a metal tube that stores and travels well. If you are in the water and are stung by a jellyfish, you might want to try Sting Zapper, under sports department.

In the library was a book of literature by a Scandinavian author. All I have of the title of the Pelican classic is Soil, the last word. There was a brief exposure to the Pulitzer-winning Dora Bruder – add to reading list. There were Koi markers in shade of grey. There was an adorable Disney Sheriff Callie item – a too cute !!! white kitten. I worried much of the day that Lanky had gotten out of the house and was loose on the city streets. I was pleased all of the day to have seen the two best friends a person could have, when they came to the Amazon open house.

There was a MLP My Little Pony mug I couldn’t see because it was in a plain brown box and there were MLB Major League Baseball tee shirts for the Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves – both in a distressed graphic look. There was a Think Geek three-dimensional unicorn Mug. This I could see because a photographic likeness was pasted to the outside of the box and I thought “Everyone should have one!”

One of my coworkers wore a gray tee-shirt with three boxes across the front labelled EAT SLEEP PLAY and while he was in the area, I had to go to a bin and get a bookmark containing the words EAT SLEEP READ. Was that item for YOU?

The school around the corner from the library at which this blogger now writes has posted that the first day of school is August 26. In the course of this afternoon have gathered two packages of Eureka Peanuts school decorations – leaves and pumpkins with favorite Charles Schultz characters. How adorable – they will be on the nation’s bulletin boards in a matter or days!

If you have to wear novelty glasses, some John Lennon shades are in order – they come in different colors and the purple looked the best to me. A book verging on philosophy something about a white horse caught my eye and Red Heart economy yarn comes in lovely colors that remind you of Caribbean islands, gems and field and forest. Dimensions stitchery had one modest kit featuring two horses together – best pals.

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