bitemy horse at Home Depot Wyomissing Craft Fair

How nice to make your first sale! That is what happened at the Home Depot Wyomissing craft fair Saturday. A customer who liked what she saw and wants to support local artists purchased a pair of cards: A Horse and A House.

Balloons make the parking lot and its event tents cheery and welcoming early on this summer day morning. Sam and Mandy had the site board up listing the spot for bitemyhorse. The store lent me a Quick Shade professional pop-up tent. They offered another table to match the one I brought. The children’s workshop tent was set up with several wooden picnic tables. The area was put to creative use as the youngsters, accompanied by adults and parents, assembled and painted small wooden tool carry boxes.

The annuals and perennials in the garden area provided some of the scenery, along with the “Knockout Roses” and perennial planters. on the exterior end caps. About fifteen craftspeople tended their spaces; several vendors were interspersed among us and in the fringe areas for sheds, fences and paint, to name a few. On the board wanted to spell venders and craftors this way.


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