Buffer Service Only

Water restored to kitchen sink in about an hour this morning thanks to Plumbing Works. Norfolk Southern engine 1174 leading the way and pulling rail cars west in late morning. Stop at post office. Library downtown is cool and comfortable. Today is a day of wisdom, Visit to library is in order.

Finished watching The Thief of Bagdad last night. “Happiness must be earned,” is its message. What an undertaking to stage and film this. There is a great and unusual emphasis on climbing and the use of ropes in this film you seldom see these days, in these times. Mr. Fairbanks proved interesting to watch and the array of characters is beautifully done, as are the lavish large-scale sets. Imagine making this film! imagine imagining it in the first place! The monsters and creatures are kind of funny as we may look backwards, we have the advantage of having known Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and Star Wars and hosts of scary, sometimes B-rates science-fiction motifs.The notion of great treasures – the flying carpet, the crystal, the healing apple convey marvels for every generation. The greatest of all treasures is the magic of imagination put into action. Love is something we imagine, feel and act out – bring to life. “Happiness must be earned.”


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