Lebanon Fair

This week we saw a heron at the exhibit hall of the Lebanon fair – it was in the display of art and photographs by 4H youth members. Quilts, produce and farming display boards nearby testified to the talent, imagination and rich resources of American farm children.

The reason for my visit was to view the entries of my friend, Bob Bensing, of Lebanon. He grows flowers at home and has worked in a greenhouse as an arranger for many years . The journey and the destination proved worthwhile and I would recommend you find the fair nearest you as quickly as you can and go!

How marvellous are the flower and plant varieties, their containers and how the entrants cultivated and combine them. Here is a flowers were in a plain plastic drinking cup, there, some in cobalt blue glass, and the others? – in simple glass vases, jars or bottles in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

The flower categories are straightforward. Dahlias, for example, coleus, zinnias or roses. There are also creative categories with themes. One theme was sports, another: horses. Do not throw anything away! Entrant Allison Shuey put lace and cream together like macrame. The result – a whistle, whinny and a neigh!

To spend time and look at the specimens proved worthwhile and satisfying – especially at the end of the rows of ferns, flowers and arrangements – Bob’s artificial arrangement has a best in show rosette next to it! His hydrangea won also, two!


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