Lunch and Learn: Tree Inventory

Berks County Parks hosted a Lunch and L:earn session at the Heritage Center today from 12:15 to 12:45. Brendan Lederer spoke about the tree inventory of the Gring’s Mill and Heritage center area, in which there are 418 trees on file. Groups of trees that are away from public trail areas are ot included in this inventory.

The survey was done by Bartlett, Charlotte, North Carolina in 2013, as I understand it. The result of the survey helps the park maintain its trees and safeguard the public against danger of falling trees by identifying potentially hazardous ones.

The tree survey includes 30 pieces of data about each tree such as its Genus, location, tree number, diameter at breast height (DBH), the extent of its canopy, and whether it has sustained damage from lightning, or has a water collar, or needs pruning. The staff of the park can evaluate the needs of the trees and estimate costs for contractors they may need to hire. Trees are also given values in terms of their overall condition. The park contains 24 genuses of tees.

Mr. Lederer informed us about things like the value of poison ivy to songbirds, the dangers of the asiatic worm, which outpaces our lowly earthworm in terms of its ability to churn through the soil, and the possibilities of planning the trees that will be planted in the years to come.

Remember October 1 and 2 are Heritage Days!



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