what else is going on

Am in the process of reading Colson Whitehead’s “Underground Railroad.” What I like about the story thus far is that I care about the characters. The subject is revealing and informative, and lively, it teaches you about a whole other culture and way of life and work. I also like how Mr. Whitehead, an award winning author, tells the story without being too self-conscious about producing memorable passages and overly flowery writing, yet it contains, especially on page 41, describing the Randalls, some marvelous turns of phrase that are like embossing a fine design on paper. The best stands out.

I also like to discover a new word when I read. I think every book should contain at least one to add to the vocabulary. He has given me a couple.

I cannot say enough good things about the book’s cover design. It is what made me want to pick up the book in the first place. It is a red black and cream design that is intriguing to the eye and to the mind when you look a little bit closer. That I cannot say enough good things means I want to RAVE about it! Rave rave rave rave rave.

p.s. it is an Oprah book club selection and will make a fabulous local reading club and discussion book. There is ample opportunity to explore more about the Underground Railroad here in Berks county, thanks much to Mr. Gilyard, who dedicated much of his life to raising our consciousness about the importance of the trek to freedom, the people and places in this area that enabled escape, that fostered freedom.

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