Stand Corrected

Yesterday it was so windy, gale warnings were issued for Berks County. It was Chopin’s day, not Mozart’s,  I stand corrected. Last night, while travelling by car along Van Reed Road about 9:30, landscape with three tall fully furled flags in parking area of St. Ignatius Loyola Church attracted my attention. The United States Stars and Stripes and Pennsylvania seal, with its dexter and sinister supporter horses and royal blue ground, held tight ends, while flag of Vatican, presumarble, in cream and gold, was protected in between. Metal flag poles with topmost ball-bearing nuggets, presentation precise, equidistant; wind drew flags at even direction and dimension pulling to rippling relaxed near taut, they were simultaneous three-in-one each, distinct. I found it provident, heartening sight in winter laid barren. As scenery was not static, with wind, motion of driving, earth rotating, galaxy floating through universe, blood flowing through vines, veins growing into mud, illuminated trunks and near invisible crowns of string-lighted bare trees along grand strand curb at Glad Tidings Assembly sequential infiltrated panorama reuniting five sum, making night tableau to warm soul.

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