Dalton Dior

Six fifteen. Matthews Aurora. MidSouth transport “delivering your confidence” eighty-eight cents for carrots for Mr. B clear and shined with sun; Haydn oratorio, ssentiF etiL RV, ten on brick ten on dashboard Clean Fill, arrow right at light, Accurate bada bing, red and white, red and white, brick click mortar, vicinity polymer, BL MOON vanity monopoly O’Shea lumbering Mich BDN *60 Rusco hydraulics 11:09 car time heron jets north northeast vicinity polymer paste Zebra grass and PZ P305A. Tiger. T-cake WaWa and helicopter NNE little higher altitude, 11:39 Colony packaging and machine, Colony Park Hyde Central Neutral 07135. Scotch Broom and Scottish symphony. Synchronicity.


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