Last night each shrub and bush wore a snow discus, as the few inches of Saturday flurries had settled, melted a bit and hardened on boxwoods and junipers.

This morning: few cheery clouds in watercolor light blue sky. Blue and indigo and grey metal cars – GIMX. No gimmicks. H with a green arrow and trainstopping in Wyomissing, the 9255, and rigs by E (Estes), Volpe (the wolf) and NFI. Then came Donner and Blitzen and Crowe Extra and Placer. Also an H within an H 27% charged, snowflakes taped to glass, four trees in aqua pots, the greenery trimmed with red bows. Sunrise, SOLO, regnuh in the mirror, 27 laps and an oval box flap cutout. No herons to report, just hues of blue.