The Creek is Mighty Muddy

And i am full of PEP. Riding on a Darkwing. In concerto, piano Schuman. Western man is only east coast drive her. East: yellow Luck and red sky white blue

veil house silence reef cup runneth over riches we enjoy.



list making

squirrel entering sycamore trunk via trumpet bell shape left by a limb; place must be a mansion

Park crew reeling in the holiday light strings7  coils

aheron red bridge lovely, shy enough to fly across the creek not so shy it wouldn’t stay there with me

somber light, no sun

a white feather


a number of pathlings

to the 11 marker rabbit tracks over frozenguadalcanal then sunshine

melted snow with haste


abraded and or faded. trains in snow – engines – headlights aglow – high cubes and shippers – frozen food – 22 degrees – flaky – abyssINIAN. FFE. FFE. effect and effective.