Park Buy 17:

Ah! Sunshine at mid-month. Hooray.  Fox. Chief. Red. Front and affront. Fore and aft. Chapter and verse. Steamy tan yield, ideas and seed, nest. Nettle and daisy. Devils beggartick! Aims to an end and means to edit. Rolls Royce roll dice.


The Supersoft Flannel

Wawa cup grunge. Strawberry jam. The Supersoft Flannel. Siberian Snowkiting Cup: Bing! Handel. 1 Corinthians. Love bears all things believes all things hopes all things. 113377. Red Wagon. CAP-1  HAWK 81 Fox Mdow ~ “Bats leaving a cave always turn left”  Cambridge United Park Lincoln Methodist. YA  OO. View of Grand Canyon. Right turn. Lucky always.

Books Paper Study?

Checkmark. Windy, so Mozart serenade in forecast, the C minor for two oboe, two bassoon, pair clarinets and couple of horns. Swaying bare branches and a staying black bird. THYR OFF. Residential suite. Blue sky puffy clouds and an ice fishing village on Bing! how adorable! Colorful game board pieces in landscape of winter, Quebec. Winged creatures flying, whipping through in and about around trees and pine tassels wave eastward making fringe elements and it is a beautiful day.


You can’t go wrong with Telemann, and this is what comes across the airwaves, Two horns in D major. Blustery weather. The creek is a river – “a raging river” and its rushing towardsness combined with intensity of wind gusts make a walk forbidding. Too much rain. Battlefield farms. Gamies. Bit of red balloon and a nice piece of bark that is real.  Two full hours. Flying carpet. This is going to be so cool!