Way to Bet


Rougned and Rachmaninoff – creek maxed batters up and out but not over after rains – three-tined fork – two-byte sycamore – Hummel trumpet concerto – concierto – lump sum – 7:11 – Bright View times two, trailers in tow – mow, mow mowyourmoat, meow cat meerkat – Bing! Morning noon &nd night.  helicopter: !airport/hospital? Tongue on teeth. Toothpast. Toothpaeste Red J(k)eep moving…a strawberry roan sculpture stationary not Ki Connecticut OkoK. The race is not always to the swift but that’s the ocean right there.



Started day with ominousodometer; that has changed thanks to the power of transmission. Three flying geese. [Artistic license.] Two shoes, black soft soled along Museum road. Windy satiety. WaWa for fuel. What was green has turned purple. Roses and daisies and arrangements delivered. It would be nice to spend a while in Riverfront’s living room. What a fabulous discovery. R. Messina ’88. Are you there? Maxed out on a coff(r)ee at A+Plus Kenhorst: went well with zebra cake I baked this morning at 7. Want to send out an APB for Man Crafts book that is believed returned to library. Upside down sea jelly pretty cool. Flying saucer!


Please allow me to express mu undying enthusiasm for the darling book called “TYPEWRITER” subtitled: the history * the machine * the writers!

Tony Allan and the Shelter Harbor Press have assembled, written, compiled and printed a masterful, informative and pictorially engaging work. It shows both scholarly research and a playful mind on the part of the author. Thank you for creating this book!

The particular book I read was courtesy of the Main library in Reading, Pennsylvania. A book-plate added to the front inside cover pages have added this book is in memory of Jan L. Deelman and “was purchased with funds donated from his estate.”

The book contains a page devoted to the parts of a typewriter, a diagram as nice as some illustrations of the points of a horse that I’ve seen. Only a typewriter has no soft velvety muzzle, although you can write about one with it.

Was especially delighted to learn about holding a Type In. It would be a riot to plan and host one here in Reading. Hold me to it!

“When We Collided”

Teen fiction is not usually on the menu, but the cover of When We Collided by Emery Lord was so arresting and inviting, I simply HAD to read it! The result: Parents may want to read the book too (and/or beforehand), as it is a strong subject strongly written and I admire Ms. Lord for tackling it.

The book, published in 2016 and available at the library, deals with a teen romance given an extra edge and it was a good read. The cover art was done by Amanda Bartlett, from what I can tell, for Bloomsbury press. I found it worthwhile and interesting, nicely done!

Sir Oliver Munday

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

Revered ruler of Great Britain. Please add the name of book cover designer Oliver Munday (The Underground Railroad) to your list of persons to consider for knighthood.

I hope you enjoy good health today.

Sincerely yours,

An American in Reading

Set Rate

Today at work began to focus on utilizing only very clean totes for the fulfillment of customer orders. If the totes were less than clean, some elbow grease and Purell sanitizing wipes did well to remove grubby fingerprints, obsolete stickers or labels, and dirt and dust. When a customer buys an item from Amazon, this order picker wants it to travel on the conveyor in the cleanest possible container.

Remembering our stable practices: how we used to scrub feed tubs and water buckets at the barn for the horses: we would clean them inside and out. So, today, the entire totes got a good going over, not just the bottom of the inside of the tote, which has been the main focus heretofore.

A pathling lay on the front entrance steps: an light green “THIS IS A SET DO NOT SEPARATE sticker label. Some of the letters had faded, some remained dark, hence, the title above.

Four of my favorite things seen in the mods today: a Cube Fish electronics item seen in a flash, Repi Tuff 50 watt Splashproof Halogen lamp, D:fiD: [??} beauty product that comes in an awesome black and blue smallish round jar and CMTorange tool” biscuit joining blade. There is neither rhyme nor reason for the list – they stood out, as did a great 1920’s-inspired paisley gold sequin dress with black velvet and a touch of flapper fringe.

Hope aqua or blue checkbook cover – evidence of things not seen – snarling dog brain picks, Terence Blanchard’s Breathless, A paperback called The Next Dimension is Love by Dorothy Roeder, A lovely cat mug Maneki-Neko Fortune Cat Lucky Cat mug from Japan – of beautiful quality, Humphrey Organic Witch Hazel with its nine alliterative commands, Devon ribbed riding pants, Anne of Green Gables ( have I seen that or not?), a glimpse of a recipe in Paleo 2 cookbook for mustard garlic Brussels Sprouts, Cactus kitties somethingorother, a CANE STAY, an inventive and neat item to keep a person’s walking cane handy, a Renaissance books copy of Of Human Bondage by W, Somerset Maugham with gorgeous cover Art, nice art tools and colorful pens – always everyday. If a person fails to find some item of interest in the course of a day, something to rouse the spirit, sport or imagination – well, the writer of this blog cannot imagine that. You can make stained glass boxes, learn cosmetology, travel, make a business plan ( Business Plans that Win $$$), teach or learn about teaching, repair your hair or someone else’s, read about a sailing journey made a hundred years ago in  The boy, Me and the Cat by Henry Plummer. Have seen and handled all of these things and more at the Universal Emporium known as Amazon.

Amazon Tour Time

Sunday, our ABE2 Amazon warehouse site held open house and activities for friends and family members. It was a fine time to reunite with Betsy Kulamer and Charlotte McNaughton, best friends of this blog writer, from our days at the University of VIrginia. Charlotte and Betsy came all the way from the nation’s capital to tour this workplace! We were joined by my brother, Bill, Huyett, visiting from Massachusetts and Ted and Carol Whitby of New Holland, who were kind enough to drive to Breinigsville! Our facility celebrated a five year birthday.
During the walking tour, we stopped designated area. Four of our best managers related what happens at each point in the fulfillment process, such as the stow and pick mods, the ship dock, sort and pack, and receiving. More than one bit of information was new to the person who writes these words. The most visual or material of these is what the smallest and largest boxes we use for shipping look like. (The smallest one is not what usually arrives at this writer’s doorstep.)
When another contingency of Huyetts arrived: nephew Phil and his wife, Megan, niece Susan – who goes to NYU – and second cousin Dan Huyett from Reading area, there was time for a second tour. Phil and Megan brought along a friend and coworker ENT specialist Nick Rowan. The three of them were heading back to Pittsburgh, where they live and work.
After the tour, we were blessed with food and refreshment. A freshly grilled cheeseburger tasted mighty good! July is national hot dog month, and these, too were on the grill and on the menu. Balloons gave the lunch room a festive look! It was a great day to see the families and children of fellow associates enjoying the chance to see where their family members work. During “peak”our families barely know us!