This item is for your review. Review and revise, revise and rewrite, rewrite and revamp. The week in review. Pieces of toast: one. Heron at 10:43 at lofty altitude, grey cotton clouds as its backdrop. The James Gang plays attune while another station sends Nutcracker out to audience. Not in the mood. SUMCAR and scimitar. Buzz Lightyear and some other trivia. Pictures of health giving fruits: limes, oranges, pomegranate to brighten glum day. All this rain should be over California where they really need it. Arrangers and designers deciding on holiday window display, SFTBL 28. It would be a better day for umbrellas if the wind were not strong enough to invert them – this is what is happening to red poppies, geometric black and white and several other themes in the city scenery. The seasonal greenery…


Collected Works

tempted to say yesterday chopsticks everywhichwaybutloosebut they were actually perpendicular to each other and one was parallel to sofa line but today is another story there are squirrels everywhere this morning running across road nut in mouth scampering along grass posing on tree limb with graceful arch tail gnawing on walnut or hickory*nut classic fashion squirrels chattering with one another short staffed and Falstaffed and fall or full staffed heart walk ventilated brick tatting workshop indoors spider web strung along creek with dew beads and sunlight cached level plain field Cavatina I will listen to this waste to was to produce I like to come to the top of the hill and admire the view

The ABC of Potted Plants

Henry’s Performance is everything it should be. Mr. Chet does a steel peel. A crochet pumpkin pin is just the thing to brighten the gloomy day. Everything can be drawn. A woman making a red white and blue scene. A man in green crossing the street on red light. The pleasure of rhythm of sumac leaves coloring with season and bent with gravity and grace. H I J K L M N O P a chorus Holt and Bugbee 12: 26 microwave time and time spent with pussycats. Wishing you all well!

Va. Triangle

Huge delivery on the way. Grey tarp with black lines = covering whatever is going where it is going. Several sticks stacked neat with a blue tarp, folded, tucked beneath trailer bed.  Diagrams. plans, designs, plan-o-grams and grids on the menu. How many towns called Triangle? Sunlight, leaf shapes and structure of window panes unite on the white walls and beams. A collected composition simple to collate. Two bytes tweet and 16-ounce coffee to get me started. Morning is an oasis. Seems like sunshine drips from the birch tree; more like dew drops. I’m here in my moat. H.D.Z. are recognizable initials. From bird to dirt. Major major wealth.

Milton Something

Carols – German joy and blessings.



I was alive in ’65.

Harp Ensemble of New York.

Peacock. water. Bullfrog.

Host. Pure Land and peaceful

5:03 p.m. Not so dark, for a few days before the wintermark.

Safety Bulletin Board. The Bethel Barber Shop, not quite a corner quartet as is set back from the main intersection, now dominated by garage yard tree – lit up with nicety.

Star Freight and Fleet.

California plate.


Guaranteed for Life

Yesterday started in Zurich, Swiss capital and concluded with cabbage. Heron under red bridge yesterday – sipping water – as it threaded through.

This morning, well, 5th R and a badger in Black Forest, Bing cherry. Story of bobcat stuck to grille meWowOw. Nussbaum…setting new ideas in motion. 10:00 a.m. Giving Tuesday. 8 !8

818. Debussy and $3.18 for breakfast. GRY-3451. Toast with Honey. Bentley company truck. R.E.S. among other things scene. “My scripture,” Luke said.

V S S in red and white. Three enormous metal pipes  ridin’ the highway, (one) on top of the (others) (two). Moving right along. Walk. Walk. Talk. Talk. Triangulated tag. Blue heron flies across creek at 12:10. Afternoon keeping house. After housekeeping, mail gathering. Phone call ING. A shower of birthday cards from family. JOY. Tears, Antioch. Reaching out!

Off to printer’s. Checker 12. School Students 46. A over T 00017. A 77 and 513 Santander to first street. not oo late! Not by a latte long short shot.


Kitty City. Bing! Sur le pont d’Avignon. Dosie Dough for coffee and toast, courtesy of Mary and Adam. Extratra trivia question, if not metric, what? Je ne sais quois! Walk at Gring’s Mill + clear and stunning day. Petit frois. Today’s date owns curious magic square. Very very interesstinggg. Walked mmore south than north at fafafafirst. Une heron flew due west above course of creek at 10:10. Sunlight rested on rocks and climbed tree trunks, splashed leavvez with full and fading color. Squirrelz, of course, were out, and grewups of cyclists, families of trois generations and deux boys planting forked (Y ) stick at end of time.

by Allison DuBois