Fish at 4:33

What is sunshine? Cheerful atmosphere. Plus WRTI plays Ralph Vaughan Williams, number thirteen in the Essential Classical Composers list, although I wold rate him higher. 1 e 5.

Curried couscous vous vous zeus.

East Penn Excavating 22.5. That is not a marathon.

Brooklyn Lager Lager Lager Lager turning a corner in West Reading.

Blue bleu green tear strip. Broken safety glass by Poplar and Walnut garage pavement, near the railroad track. A child has drawn with a blue Shar Pei on the surface.

I will write {} every day.

An 11 bus.

Valentines coming your way bouquets after bouquet.

Carp Have Teeth in Their Throat

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eat bird seed you will fly away

119 trash.

No heron to report. Not yet.


Night at Coca-Cola Stadium

The A.A.C.T. committee (Amazon Associates and Community working together) awarded the writer of this blog two tickets for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs game Wednesday. The Toledo Mud Hens were the visiting team for Ladies Night. Melissa, daughter of  dear friend Adrienne Hubble, went along on the fly. Melissa, who works in security, proved to be an excellent navigator and interesting conversationalist.
Coca-Cola stadium is a dream! Coca-cola stadium is kept clean! We parked for free, thanks to Philly Pretzel. We walked to the gate, where we were welcomed handsomely!
We – and nearly every other guest – passed several tables set up in the mezzanine or concourse: one for Amazon (fancy that!), one for Cedar Crest, and one for 2015 Ladies Night presenters Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays. This caught my eye because former sister-in-law Andrea Seefeldt shoots clay.

Melissa was thirsty for the beer garden and  she knew the way. Our servers – the Ladies of  Cap and Tap – were dressed in delightful German costume. The writer of this blog soon discovered the difference between and IPA and an IPO when she order a Flower Power IPA. Seldom a beer drinker, this writer found the brew extremely bewitching – in other words very good.
We found our seats near left field and boy were they good! The IronPigs stadium has an impressive board listing their major sponsors and sponsors for that particular game. The envelope in which the game tickets were provided is filled with notes as this notetaker tried to include everyONE!
The Toledo Mud Hens were the visiting team and were good sports. They were no match for the Iron Pigs, who scored 7 runs to win the game and bring home the bacon. My favorite player was Aaron Althere, wearing number 27. Every time a run is scored the bottle cap on the coke registered trademark bottle send up a flare type of firework! At another point of the evening, tee shirts were sent by cannon into the stands.

One of the team mascots, FeRROUS, signed my admission ticket, upon request, for AACT and to wish ABE 2 Amazon warehouse Happy Birthday. Another mascot FeFe danced near the field and was charming in gesture and motion. The program includes a marvelous coloring page of her for children to complete. She could be a cover girl!

Budget constraints prohibited me from partaking of the many fine concessions – the aroma was in many ways, nearly as satisfying. I resisted an impulse to grab the leftover chicken tenders someone placed beneath a seat, to take home to feed the cats. It causes me to wonder if there is a way to round up some of these leftovers to feed sheltered animals.

We stayed until the game was over and rode the jitney back to the car. The IronPigs did not let us leave empty handed: we were given samples for Mane and Tail shampoo, a free slice coupon at Big Woody’s (four locations) and $10 off a purchase at Dick’s. It was a lovely night and the free parking pass leave me in a quandary – whether to save the Philly Pretzel coupon or tear it into the shape of one and return it to the park as a gift. Since that night have visited Big Woody’s and that is some awesome pizza. All in all, the trip to the game was worth it and Lehigh Valley earns a grand slam home run. It was good clean fun.

Cloak and Dagger Type

   Two keyboard hearts ❤ ❤ are drawn into the fluffy ivory snow, toward the right end of the creek side bench near red bridge. The bench is a half-round tree trunk, planked a foot or so above the ground.

   The earth is enveloped and enshrouded with foggy mist, giving the morning a mysterious cloak and daguerreotype effect.

   From this moisture-rich white shroud a blue heron flies, taking off a few steps away from the seven marker. A rippling ring in the shallow water shows the spot from which it departed.

   A silvery Mazda Tribute wears a foot-and-a-half long bandage decal low on the rear passenger side door. The vehicle is parked in the seventh spot west of the intersection of Fifth and Franklin streets, outside the Main building of the Reading Public Library, from which the author of this blog now writes.


   Tussock after tussock of stiff frozen grass along the road captures the rays of sun without thawing. The earth seems bare. The land is not altogether treeless, but the trees and shrubs are leafless, and this makes the landscape look barren while in winter repose and reminds me of the tundra.

    Walking today by Blue Marsh Lake and the Squirrel Run nature trail. No squirrels were in evidence. No herons are seen. The water near shaley shore is topped with thin ice. The soil retains water that has solidified into quartz-like crystal veins that break under foot and become something else altogether, whole growths of crunchy glassy jewels. 

   Recently saw a book of snowflake photographs published by Dover books, Bentley the author, that showed many six-sided figures of unique snow bits. It was fascinating and captivating as Blossfeld nature studies, only different.

   In the city, the two black and white kittens have been missing for many days; a new grey and white kitten has been slinking along side its mother, a black and white street smart and tough cat. Only the older grey kitten remains near the studio and needs taming.  All three came to eat on the back porch this afternoon.

Happy New Year’s Heron

   There is a heron in the meadow, several yards up and away from the creek, taking a sunbath. Its angle of repose is that of a sentinel, almond body, fish eye and fringy beard with tin snip bill and a relaxed necklessness. It stands on one leg and is unafraid of having me walk past.

   The tiny island that is jumble island, downstream of red bridge has now collected and amassed enough formerly floating junk, primarily in the form of treek trunks and limbs, that it looks like a ship. I see no heron in the water. A hawk zipped past my car when I arrived; in its talons was a fresh meal, limp rodent or small dark bird.

   Along the path is a nice looking fish shaped piece of sycamore bark and on the overpass a box truck with the Bimbo snacks logo and graphics flashes northward. This morning is sunny and pleasant – some shadows at the park barn declare sunny squares and wavy edges. Over night the strong winds carried away things that were not tied down and light enough to be transported. Greetings of the New Year 2012 to all. It is a good year for health.