Three Red 3’s

Three red (numeral) threes, sets of three pine trees; three voluminous Picea glauca luminous in the mid-morning sun at Park Road and Spring Street, West of Reading and West of Wyomissing. A ModernFOLD, a lost sheep, pink and all-white plush sheep The letter A, a TNDR FOX all is Vanity Fair. Who’s got the building near Progress Electric? Sycamore three-piece pathling at Berks Leisure area, stream clear with sparkles; along Broadcasting, a flock of birds wings it as motion graphic: some with gliding mechanisms against their bodies, some with wings stretching out, folding in, shimmer and showing their different angles, separately and as a unit – like a school of fish, a fish of schools, a ship of fools, not hardly.

Virginia blue and orange plate special real ordinary JHZ-2737 and reverse 8543 edge of hoodie. Electric Dr. DRE. A Rolls, Royce for breakfast. Sort by…noon. Downslope 6 4 vertical blinds with plants peeking out of slats 2 and a metal mounted mailbox with one instead of 2 supports for when you need to curl up a magazine to fit beneath the envelope compartment. Benchwarmers  – for a Large Sumatra, what a home run there! can you hear me, can you hear me now?


Started day with ominousodometer; that has changed thanks to the power of transmission. Three flying geese. [Artistic license.] Two shoes, black soft soled along Museum road. Windy satiety. WaWa for fuel. What was green has turned purple. Roses and daisies and arrangements delivered. It would be nice to spend a while in Riverfront’s living room. What a fabulous discovery. R. Messina ’88. Are you there? Maxed out on a coff(r)ee at A+Plus Kenhorst: went well with zebra cake I baked this morning at 7. Want to send out an APB for Man Crafts book that is believed returned to library. Upside down sea jelly pretty cool. Flying saucer!


Bing! sunshine and CRIME blue, rugged paint, numeral iffy. Hmmm. Sun, Discovery. Beethoven. Mission: Cat chow. Vendor dunstocking, corrugated overload dropped something. (You are) HERE/ HER/ chunk of HERON/HEROINE.

Heart preserved, dear hearts! Mozart. Two discarded lottery tickets to loser’s paradise, asphalt tangle. Beethoven. A musical sandwich. Amadeus. Amadeus! Boardman, Ore.


One of the highlights of the past weekend was the appearance of the elegant Jasper String Quartet at the WCR Center for the Arts. Four superb young musicians delivered twelve movements of three pieces: Mozart’s String quartet in D Major K. 575, the Bartok No.6 and after intermission: Dvorak’s “American” string quartet in F Major Op.96.

The two ladies of the quartet wore stunning, simple gowns that helped reveal not only their shoulders but also the supreme and clever wit of the quartet. The men wore dark suits, white shirts and solid-colored neckties – the ties to coordinate one for one with the ladies’ gowns, which were a lovely blue for Sae Chonabayashi, who plays violin and a nice sound red on the figure of Rachel Henderson, who delighted all of the audience with her drop dead gorgeous playing of the cello.


Sir Oliver Munday

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

Revered ruler of Great Britain. Please add the name of book cover designer Oliver Munday (The Underground Railroad) to your list of persons to consider for knighthood.

I hope you enjoy good health today.

Sincerely yours,

An American in Reading

Things that Touch Me

One day this week a purple giraffe came across the path assigned to me at work and it gave me such a sense of joy that it occurred to me the world would be a better place if everyone had a purple plush giraffe.

Some of the other things that affect me are: sets of receiving blankets, kids’ things with construction themes, almost anything Paw Patrol, Lewis & Clark travel packs, and medical items for when people are less than 100 per cent in form or motion.

The feel of Klein tools, or the sight of a Star Tech package and the fragrance of something that smells good to me can be high points of a day. It is a miracle to make a connection to the outside world through the wares of Carhartt, whose goods help keep safe, stylish and warm the working women and men who build, improve and protect our physical world. The world can be a better place with a good friend. The world can be a better place when we all work together.