Park Buy 17:

Ah! Sunshine at mid-month. Hooray.  Fox. Chief. Red. Front and affront. Fore and aft. Chapter and verse. Steamy tan yield, ideas and seed, nest. Nettle and daisy. Devils beggartick! Aims to an end and means to edit. Rolls Royce roll dice.


? 18 EA

To be list: Robust August  Sun shining strong

Texas plate Rex Smith hot/cold blue/red and the Landscaping Company, TLC yellow and green. TAP9 TAP 10.


Started day with ominousodometer; that has changed thanks to the power of transmission. Three flying geese. [Artistic license.] Two shoes, black soft soled along Museum road. Windy satiety. WaWa for fuel. What was green has turned purple. Roses and daisies and arrangements delivered. It would be nice to spend a while in Riverfront’s living room. What a fabulous discovery. R. Messina ’88. Are you there? Maxed out on a coff(r)ee at A+Plus Kenhorst: went well with zebra cake I baked this morning at 7. Want to send out an APB for Man Crafts book that is believed returned to library. Upside down sea jelly pretty cool. Flying saucer!

Rum Raison D’ettre

Feb.9: Dreams. Predicted snow started as rain, waking this personage at (the predicted hour?) of 2:00 a.m. Seven and two is company. Dj and Moj. Later wake. Tried to tell time by sound of clock tower chimes, it was overlaid with sound of plain. Airplane. To Weis for 65 cent donut, blueberry with glaze and 35sense exteriorally for jug of watereverseosmosisrewat. There went wallet’s last dollar. arranged push-pins on cork board inside store to form heart. Trees plastered with snow, north sides where wind blows, from here to eternity when uninterrupted. Three snowobliterated signposts to sea: OP




and          _______

Arranged some lines in patterns using black pink and yellow marker and gel pen. Conjugated words based on the date today. Lucky. Last tally tribal. Blurt iris. RIT-ai.

Thank you for feeding me.

RUby Heron

Sunday, January 15, Bing introduced a video of ruby sea monster found in vicinity of southwest Australia. The piece says sea creature is newly discovered, never before seen, mostly because it hangs out at depth below which scuba divers find safe to go. Red sea dragon is not as fancy with kelp- or seaweed-like plumage as its two relatives, whose names escape me precise moment. What it has is resinous brilliant gem quality and color of ruby glass. The footage shows awkward graceful swimmer and fisher – near sand bottom of sea where sponges wave  hula skirts. Its head and neck, its body and angularity are very heron-like. A deep-sea crane.

About four o’clock on Sunday I went for walk at Gring’s Mill. Two people sat by creek on bench constructed from log sawed in half lengthwise so (inner) and flat side faces up; half-round bark portion faces ground. Re-engineered tree is supported at both ends by… something like cement or blocks…and it was on this rectilinear surface two sexes sat, straddled or semi-straddled log, playing cards close to poker.Where is other half -log?

Moisture in air and air in dampness. Soggy and spongy earth soaking saturated even.  Muted sun, trumpet bell of clouds. Drawing down and blaring.

At half-mile rapids, a blue heron waded near bank opposite path, parallel Tulpehocken Road, walking upstream, intent upon finding meal.

Sixty canada geese swimming near bend marking second to last crimp in watercourse before bridge and dam, on return way.

Pathling on screenings two bark shards and Y shape thick twig. Remnants of maple wing seedlings have been worn to bits – resemble hats with plumes.

Also a green and white Orbit gum pack, discarded as emptiness.

Earlier in day read Wickipedia article about Vasco de Gama, who went out of way to avoid crossing “Highly disputed Mediterranean.” Trading for, in search of cinnamon and pepper. An old tower existed in Portugal to honor him, according to a old [sic] Hammond’s atlas. It is long way around Cape of Good Hope, compared to  distance A to B near equator. Startling. Make me think of going around tail of horse careful so it don’t kick.

Tree Fell

Walking at Gring’s Mill this afternoon, encountered an event taking place at the Heritage Center: the removal of a good-sized sycamore tree, one that lends plenty of shade near the barn and the kitchen garden. It is sad to see an old tree come down. In this case, it is was a planned and well-orchestrated “fall” so the old tree would not cause damage to person or property.

The park is interested in public safety and the health of the trees. The Heritage Festival, one of the biggest festivals of the season will be held October 1 and 2. Paid county employees, volunteers and contractors are preparing for it. Two painters on ladders were at work giving the little wooden mill a fresh coat of red paint, in the backdrop of this drama.

Two men fed parts of the crown of the tree into a chopper that spewed the chopped wood and leaves into a hold-all truck that was marked Preservation Tree with the telephone number 610-235-6691.

These two men wore Bartlett tree service shirts, white helmets to protect their head and noise reducing headsets. A third man operated a bucket truck with the Altec logo. The man in the bucket was working on the disassembly of the tree stem or trunk while his coworkers tended to the above-mentioned uppermost section, which had been sawn off prior to this writer’s arrival. A crane with a metal ball about ten or twelve inches in diameter was working near the bucket apparatus; from the ball descended a couple of sturdy yet relaxed looking ropes the hold the trunk steady while the man in the bucket truck cut across the standing tree with a chain saw.

Was able to make some sketches and save a few leaves from the old tree. Some one else will be counting the rings to discern its age.

Work was being done by Bartlett “tree expert” service, the yellow and green company colors displayed their telephone as 1-877-BARTLETT. A fourth man operated the crane, he ascended and descended from the cab to communicate with the bucket worker. They finished pretty quickly, in the time it took me to leave my keys behind.

Luckily, the park has the best crew in the world and when I had walked the mile back to Gring’s Mill, one worker called up to the maintenance master at the Heritage Center, who found the keys, and a third worker was kind enough to drive me up and back to get them. Berks County  Parks are awesome.

No heron to report. Just the crane machinery.