Upper Black Eddy

is a place in Pennsylvania along the Delaware River and also a combination of words that springs back to mind every so often, such as when peering over the side of Reber’s Bridge to see a stranded tree that is lodged in the middle of Tulpehocken creek and has two large branches from what is the left side as seen from this vantage point and another much more submerged one from right side, that divides off from trunk at lower point than other two, causing a swirl of water within space between tree trunk and submerged limb. To the other side, water flows clear and relative fresh, no sign of sudsy mud bubbles that are locked in if you but glance over hump of  bark hull of partway sunken vessel. On the fresh side fishes a man with a natural net and some kind of metal pole – not his rod – that is laid in the water. He holds a rod in his hands – flash of grasshopper green – scene through the metal open grid.

It has been about 5 years, I think, since I have walked this upper end of the county park trail, a place I saw daily for several years. Much tree removal and trimming, part of the parks ongoing tree and trail plans. I have just come from the county recycling center which is open 8 to 1 on Tuesday. They accepted a stereo CD player our household wore out. Two men working there said today is quiet, Saturdays are very busy, with lines that begin at 7:15 in the morning and wrap around the barn, extend along Hilltop road. On a very busy day 280 vehicles in four hours, dropping off televisions and electronic equipment. What point of origin? All from Berks? Point of No Return. I test the tip jar, it works. They give me a magnet with 2017 Special Waste Collections information and let me know there will not be an event at the stadium.

The path I am on has one or two pathlings, four small red feathers, a jumbo black walnut with black and rust coloration enhanced by rainfall. A squirrel fetched something from the canal scampers through the water, which must be up to its belly, runs up a slope, scoots up a small tree with a number of low branching trunks. A small dead rodent, wet grey fur, lies in the grass. Some trees are draped with inches-thick vines, natural artistry, kind of a fhasion, show A turtle bobs in  lock water, another turtle and another – try to discern markings on shells, try to divine them. Four turtles, one with sort of scarab and another flower. Scull and cross bones. A pirate band-aid, for real.  “I am a camera.”

Upon return to trail head, a tall standing heron alert in the creek, accompanied by two fly-fishermen.  Lovely grey color, beautiful fennel fanned feathers looks about. From the bridge, the bird seems to be on triangulate rock. Now, a runner on trail – wading bird rotates its head toward and opens beak possibly to comment on fellow two-legged creature.

In the parking lot men trim trees that would be, I believe, on federal government side of things. Antique Versalift boasts three red Keystone symbols that appear to have been painted or stencilled. One guy smokes cigar, two has chain saw and third takes off his yellow hard-hat, revealing soft baseball cap and he heads toward bridge, as if heron were calling.



Started day with ominousodometer; that has changed thanks to the power of transmission. Three flying geese. [Artistic license.] Two shoes, black soft soled along Museum road. Windy satiety. WaWa for fuel. What was green has turned purple. Roses and daisies and arrangements delivered. It would be nice to spend a while in Riverfront’s living room. What a fabulous discovery. R. Messina ’88. Are you there? Maxed out on a coff(r)ee at A+Plus Kenhorst: went well with zebra cake I baked this morning at 7. Want to send out an APB for Man Crafts book that is believed returned to library. Upside down sea jelly pretty cool. Flying saucer!

Rum Raison D’ettre

Feb.9: Dreams. Predicted snow started as rain, waking this personage at (the predicted hour?) of 2:00 a.m. Seven and two is company. Dj and Moj. Later wake. Tried to tell time by sound of clock tower chimes, it was overlaid with sound of plain. Airplane. To Weis for 65 cent donut, blueberry with glaze and 35sense exteriorally for jug of watereverseosmosisrewat. There went wallet’s last dollar. arranged push-pins on cork board inside store to form heart. Trees plastered with snow, north sides where wind blows, from here to eternity when uninterrupted. Three snowobliterated signposts to sea: OP




and          _______

Arranged some lines in patterns using black pink and yellow marker and gel pen. Conjugated words based on the date today. Lucky. Last tally tribal. Blurt iris. RIT-ai.

Thank you for feeding me.


Please allow me to express mu undying enthusiasm for the darling book called “TYPEWRITER” subtitled: the history * the machine * the writers!

Tony Allan and the Shelter Harbor Press have assembled, written, compiled and printed a masterful, informative and pictorially engaging work. It shows both scholarly research and a playful mind on the part of the author. Thank you for creating this book!

The particular book I read was courtesy of the Main library in Reading, Pennsylvania. A book-plate added to the front inside cover pages have added this book is in memory of Jan L. Deelman and “was purchased with funds donated from his estate.”

The book contains a page devoted to the parts of a typewriter, a diagram as nice as some illustrations of the points of a horse that I’ve seen. Only a typewriter has no soft velvety muzzle, although you can write about one with it.

Was especially delighted to learn about holding a Type In. It would be a riot to plan and host one here in Reading. Hold me to it!

White Stripe

Friday morning as the author of this post drove out towards work the sky was painted with a broad white strip of a cloud that was composed of many smaller strips of clouds. Jack White! COuld hardly believe my eyes. It was an eye opener and an eye work out and an inspiration all in one.
The commute included Gregg Whiteside on WRTI playing the music of Glazunov and somewhere he made a comment like “tonal bubble bath variety” perhaps unrelated to that particular piece as sometimes we jot things down in spurts while in the car.
ONe of the first trucks that caught my eye was MORRIS BLACK. and there was a large new Schlouch truck as the company gains visibility every day. A vanity plate of the day was PURDUE 1 and there were three fishes on the left side of the rear of the automobile.
Work at Amazon was a positive day., Rate was on the plus side of the mark and saw a number of interesting items such as Little Owl’s Night, Please Mr. Panda and an Eric Carle board book with a caterpillar followed soon by a baby outfit with a caterpillar applique. The most interesting book for persons above a 9th grade reading level were *****Finis Dunaway Natural Visions ***** and a textbook about management of Grasslands of California.

  Ate a salad for lunch – outside at the Amazon picnic tables. This meant foregoing the 16 Premium Saltine Cracker lunch that is de rigueur. It was refreshing to eat greens, they were conatined in a Turkey Hill Neapolitan ice cream carton that fit the bill of fare well. (Now the container is being use as a compost holder in the kitchen at home.)
En route from work in the evening, listened to some jazz on WRTI – Jeff D hosted Eric Mintel and they played a fascinating version of Take Five. If possible, may go to the Deer Head Inn to hear them tonight,
Switched the station to WXPN for some mind-blowing space music on Making Time Radio. Stopped at home to check on the kitties and previewed the scene at the Crowne Plaza in Reading which hosts the Pagoda City Tattoo Fest this weekend. Colorful people gather here! Found two shiny pennies in the parking lot which doubles the coinage in my wallet. The weather is heavenly and my mind is full of preparations for the Wyomissing Home Depot Craft Fair next Saturday. Made some cauliflower for part of late dinner and wondered who twists the plastic to seal the crown of the vegetable? Who does that? They had done a fine job and I appreciated it, getting vegetables to the opposite end of the country. The printing on the bag reveals the source as Steinbeck country in California, prompting this adventurer to make a note to visit that place. I love East of Eden, Grapes of Wrath and of Mice and Men!

OK Go Head!

   Followers of this blog may have found little to follow for the past year or so, leaving a person free to go their own way. Please accept the apologies of the writer, who has been engaged with work and occupied with housekeeping tasks which left precious little time and few glimmers of devoted online access. There is no excuse, just a temporary shifting of priorities.

   Everyone faces the task and the adventure of finding their own way in the world, encountering choppy seas, ordered courses and formic acid. The diurnal task of writing, which has been shifted away for so long while under a nocturnal way of life, continues even as a journal of the absurd.   

 The most recent heron seen was a blue Crane logo for a commercial grade plumbing fixture. This morning’s walk to the  four-post over an inch of snow is only a memory that preceded a nine-thirty veterinarian appointment for Simon.

   Last night the wind carried snow off the rooftops and it was like spray from a wave,  sand in the desert, dust from a bowl of clay. We too grow and go from the earth and the air.

Don’t be such a stranger!