Pass Cap 27

Hawk and heron over shopping center, heron circling, and a higher altitude, than hawk. Bach with breakfast – fugue and figures, a list of things to do.

Downed mailbox, Brumby in the woods rather than the fields, N U R S E R Y, Pearl harbor Island, SH, nut spread? policia, Howard Hosiery Company, T




R  Caution


51 * BARD * + 50 survey salmon and red

ostrich lion connection, weights of pennies, hummingbirds and Carribbean weekends, Native Plant sale and Used table and Umbrella for sale $25. Pioneer Hose, S U N D/I SCHOOL Mozart 5 violin, The Turkish,whirlwin, Scrumptious horn concerto major Melchior, followed by Weber piano, hush my baby don’t you cry everything good on RTI.



17% charged

You go boy! 28 miles. Bus 29. A five. Errand. Division dia09mond. Heron over Liberty street pistil pointing toes. Grey body aloft. More rain please! Rusty door, more and moor to E.



May is middle of the second quarter and brings us closer to half a year spent. First jewels of the Triple Crown. FOrtain. Budget. Metro, GO    Wolf and A Full moon, silhoutte by Harold and purple crayon, neat. Critical Meet. Silica Dust Masks.  Beauty of day: sun, breeze, light, temperature and friendship. Catkins. and kitdens.

Plant of the week: Korean Spice Viburnum.