Deliver, deliver us from evil and delve into today. October is upon us and we enter the final quarter of the calendar year. Delight!  Vanity plate in the name of T-Barn is in view, rings: an Audi. DUNN‘s antiques rolls by. After breakfast, mission is a new notebook. Today is kitty birthday and anniversary of a time my mother and I swam in ocean at Stone Harbor. It was an especially warm and sunny day – glowing – and we both went for a dip and have been happily ever after for it. A big PJ something or other, not pajamaz and not peanut butter. A light blue moving van with black lettering script Collins. Extra W4348. One of my cotton knit sweaters is the same blue and black. I got it at the beach.


Collected Works

tempted to say yesterday chopsticks everywhichwaybutloosebut they were actually perpendicular to each other and one was parallel to sofa line but today is another story there are squirrels everywhere this morning running across road nut in mouth scampering along grass posing on tree limb with graceful arch tail gnawing on walnut or hickory*nut classic fashion squirrels chattering with one another short staffed and Falstaffed and fall or full staffed heart walk ventilated brick tatting workshop indoors spider web strung along creek with dew beads and sunlight cached level plain field Cavatina I will listen to this waste to was to produce I like to come to the top of the hill and admire the view

The ABC of Potted Plants

Henry’s Performance is everything it should be. Mr. Chet does a steel peel. A crochet pumpkin pin is just the thing to brighten the gloomy day. Everything can be drawn. A woman making a red white and blue scene. A man in green crossing the street on red light. The pleasure of rhythm of sumac leaves coloring with season and bent with gravity and grace. H I J K L M N O P a chorus Holt and Bugbee 12: 26 microwave time and time spent with pussycats. Wishing you all well!

Va. Triangle

Huge delivery on the way. Grey tarp with black lines = covering whatever is going where it is going. Several sticks stacked neat with a blue tarp, folded, tucked beneath trailer bed.  Diagrams. plans, designs, plan-o-grams and grids on the menu. How many towns called Triangle? Sunlight, leaf shapes and structure of window panes unite on the white walls and beams. A collected composition simple to collate. Two bytes tweet and 16-ounce coffee to get me started. Morning is an oasis. Seems like sunshine drips from the birch tree; more like dew drops. I’m here in my moat. H.D.Z. are recognizable initials. From bird to dirt. Major major wealth.

Asphalt Animals

SafeTy yellow is a working imperative. Sultry day. Hot 3257. 4E3-711 plate, reads likfe forty, kind of, whodat? INT: Happy thoughts. Django Verdi sleeping on and hugging my clothing – pants, underwear here and there. Sunspots: dapples on wall, round even though birch leaves filter the rays. EXT: Heron at 10:15 right in middle of Tulpehocken creek waters, out in the open, yet protected, mounted upon toppled tree that affords bird tremendous perspective of  fishing area. Sunshine is bolted to its feathers, his silhouette emblazoned against the backdrop of more distant deciduous. It is a view from the bridge on Reber’s Bridge road, arresting enough to make me park my car, place my feet on the ground and the bridge ribs and put my legs parallel to the bird’s. Star of  heron theater in the round, me a mere spectator, not even a pupil. Whittle possum curled up in road, not at play. Flowers from a summer sale, red * yellow * and white. N REW. 18. Two metal turtles on a stump today. Home again, asking what does your entryway say about you?