JUNE 15: from KIDS2Grow: My first Lovie: I love my Mommy! and I love my Daddy! animals with “four teethable surfaces.”

Portable plastic vases, found at Office Max or Depot. Directions say fill with water – the store had display using shredded paper and handmade flowers that was enchanting. These are good feng shui for travellers to take along to brighten up a hotel room, flat and lightweight for packing.

12/26 Three things from Weis store #189: Reusable grocery bag in three graphic green and grunge looks, excellent structural design and strong. These get a A-PLUS!!! I bought one for $1.29 and the tags contain the signature of the company executives who had a hand in creating them. Yahoo!

one of them in fact reminds me of the cover of the little handbook I designed for the Census Bureau that I would trade for 15 times 451 PAUC bottle caps.

You see I want to buy a house in Reading to start a house of Ideas.

I could dress up like a woman of the evening and Choose Orange Shoes and get picked up for prostituting my artworkdown on Franklin Street in the city and set a video camera in action and let the police arrest me and spend a week in jail and then get out and live homeless for a week and then find room in a shelter or a storage bin andthen they have those auctions and someone has to buy the bin I;m in not knowing what;s in there ye Gods!

yeterday at Redner’s  one of the managers said to me “You’re in here a lot.”

Yes, the local grocery is like my own personal pantry, instead of stocking the kitchen at home, you just go to the store whenever you need food. Plus I have eight mouths to feed, always running out of something.

Other reasons are: when a person lives hand to mouth, it is a challenge to make a list and shop for an entire week. When a person has irregular schedule and paycheck budgeting goes either out the window or is never admitted in the door, because the rent, the phone and the electric need to be paid, the others in the family, and then you.

Then there is the romance of shopping daily, like top chefs and Europeans do. You get to see what’s new and fresh and that is both eye appealing, fashion palate trendy and enjoyable. An apple a day is a staple.

Sometimes I go price checking.

Some things found this year:

Yellow plastic goldfish to hold edible cracker goldfish from Pepperidge Farm, or edible real goldfish if you like.

  • From GAIAM: Aluminum water bottles with pretty Asian inspired designs: intense blue on copper, for example. Retails at $11.99

  • From Applica: Clear 2 GO filter water bottle, filters 100 gallons of tap water for water on the go. Retail special at $3.99, eleven dollars off regular price.

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