Three Red 3’s

Three red (numeral) threes, sets of three pine trees; three voluminous Picea glauca luminous in the mid-morning sun at Park Road and Spring Street, West of Reading and West of Wyomissing. A ModernFOLD, a lost sheep, pink and all-white plush sheep The letter A, a TNDR FOX all is Vanity Fair. Who’s got the building near Progress Electric? Sycamore three-piece pathling at Berks Leisure area, stream clear with sparkles; along Broadcasting, a flock of birds wings it as motion graphic: some with gliding mechanisms against their bodies, some with wings stretching out, folding in, shimmer and showing their different angles, separately and as a unit – like a school of fish, a fish of schools, a ship of fools, not hardly.

Virginia blue and orange plate special real ordinary JHZ-2737 and reverse 8543 edge of hoodie. Electric Dr. DRE. A Rolls, Royce for breakfast. Sort by…noon. Downslope 6 4 vertical blinds with plants peeking out of slats 2 and a metal mounted mailbox with one instead of 2 supports for when you need to curl up a magazine to fit beneath the envelope compartment. Benchwarmers  – for a Large Sumatra, what a home run there! can you hear me, can you hear me now?

I am Just a Visitor

date stamp FEB 25 @)!& yet a permanent resident dark night of the soul. Tuxedo, a trellis, (Ralph) Ellison. Wind in the pines: two top tassels and their supporting branches sway in the same tempo, divided by central spruce, which, with stiffer needles, remains more stoic and straight. Nature has grown this pattern. The pattern grows in nature. Fill the kitties’ water trough ( a rectangular aqua-lined planter) and now I hear a lapping, lapping, lapping.


Started day with ominousodometer; that has changed thanks to the power of transmission. Three flying geese. [Artistic license.] Two shoes, black soft soled along Museum road. Windy satiety. WaWa for fuel. What was green has turned purple. Roses and daisies and arrangements delivered. It would be nice to spend a while in Riverfront’s living room. What a fabulous discovery. R. Messina ’88. Are you there? Maxed out on a coff(r)ee at A+Plus Kenhorst: went well with zebra cake I baked this morning at 7. Want to send out an APB for Man Crafts book that is believed returned to library. Upside down sea jelly pretty cool. Flying saucer!

Saturday Feb 11

Three horses in field. One white. One brown. One white with a brown spot on its barrel. All three were about the same size. When you drove further past them a pony showed up and that was dark with a blonde tail. Field snowy.

BEAN        BEAN       BEAN     BEAN


Spent some time scavenging at Blur Marsh where Sheidy farm used to be, yes it was a blur, only it’s Blue. Sad to remember. It was a spotless farm. A large sycamore, a row of tall evergreens a lone fence post, some set aggregate concrete with wire fence staples in the mix. Harvested some water from the lake. The cats were not crazy about it. Boat landing has two ramps. The end of the road where Tulpehocken creek would have been crossed by bridge…Memory lane. Found a small bait container, hawk feather broken white china, on with a maker’s mark, miraculous. That it’s in the car. Hey.


Bing! sunshine and CRIME blue, rugged paint, numeral iffy. Hmmm. Sun, Discovery. Beethoven. Mission: Cat chow. Vendor dunstocking, corrugated overload dropped something. (You are) HERE/ HER/ chunk of HERON/HEROINE.

Heart preserved, dear hearts! Mozart. Two discarded lottery tickets to loser’s paradise, asphalt tangle. Beethoven. A musical sandwich. Amadeus. Amadeus! Boardman, Ore.

Rum Raison D’ettre

Feb.9: Dreams. Predicted snow started as rain, waking this personage at (the predicted hour?) of 2:00 a.m. Seven and two is company. Dj and Moj. Later wake. Tried to tell time by sound of clock tower chimes, it was overlaid with sound of plain. Airplane. To Weis for 65 cent donut, blueberry with glaze and 35sense exteriorally for jug of watereverseosmosisrewat. There went wallet’s last dollar. arranged push-pins on cork board inside store to form heart. Trees plastered with snow, north sides where wind blows, from here to eternity when uninterrupted. Three snowobliterated signposts to sea: OP




and          _______

Arranged some lines in patterns using black pink and yellow marker and gel pen. Conjugated words based on the date today. Lucky. Last tally tribal. Blurt iris. RIT-ai.

Thank you for feeding me.