Asphalt Animals

SafeTy yellow is a working imperative. Sultry day. Hot 3257. 4E3-711 plate, reads likfe forty, kind of, whodat? INT: Happy thoughts. Django Verdi sleeping on and hugging my clothing – pants, underwear here and there. Sunspots: dapples on wall, round even though birch leaves filter the rays. EXT: Heron at 10:15 right in middle of Tulpehocken creek waters, out in the open, yet protected, mounted upon toppled tree that affords bird tremendous perspective of  fishing area. Sunshine is bolted to its feathers, his silhouette emblazoned against the backdrop of more distant deciduous. It is a view from the bridge on Reber’s Bridge road, arresting enough to make me park my car, place my feet on the ground and the bridge ribs and put my legs parallel to the bird’s. Star of  heron theater in the round, me a mere spectator, not even a pupil. Whittle possum curled up in road, not at play. Flowers from a summer sale, red * yellow * and white. N REW. 18. Two metal turtles on a stump today. Home again, asking what does your entryway say about you?


? 18 EA

To be list: Robust August  Sun shining strong

Texas plate Rex Smith hot/cold blue/red and the Landscaping Company, TLC yellow and green. TAP9 TAP 10.


A flower pattern Dixie cup. pressed in half with the bottom flap out like a tongue face up to the sun. Coffee with too much flavor stretched comfort zone. Spill and spell words like id, Duke, Be, Kite, Nut. Rearrangement becomes Diet, Uke, Tune and Nib. 7261215.

The Two of Crows

Night shifts into day and black birds sit on tele.wires.



Day goes into afternoon gear: water for cats. Chores galore. 91 degrees F.

Someone lost their Marleboros menthol, strewn across meridian.

Music RTI: Azulejos, the blue and white, tiles of Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz performed by Douglas Riva at piano. Puts into mind a painting seen at RPM and the Artist Loft marker in indigo.

Yard sales May 26. three days ago. Time moves on and so do we move into it.

Lapping water. HH(lighthouse) and I ❤ my dogs, paw.

Four oclock brahms or Beethov

The crow of tues.