This item is for your review. Review and revise, revise and rewrite, rewrite and revamp. The week in review. Pieces of toast: one. Heron at 10:43 at lofty altitude, grey cotton clouds as its backdrop. The James Gang plays attune while another station sends Nutcracker out to audience. Not in the mood. SUMCAR and scimitar. Buzz Lightyear and some other trivia. Pictures of health giving fruits: limes, oranges, pomegranate to brighten glum day. All this rain should be over California where they really need it. Arrangers and designers deciding on holiday window display, SFTBL 28. It would be a better day for umbrellas if the wind were not strong enough to invert them – this is what is happening to red poppies, geometric black and white and several other themes in the city scenery. The seasonal greenery…


Eclectic Avenue

It is the seventh. Drawing pumpkins. After drawing one carved as an owl realize other is pussycat. How charming for Halloween!

To Nines

The wind was against the water. What is it to cut a nice figure? Word lists. Simply irresistible. Heart shaped leaves of indoor plant, happy arched long stems. Blanket cover clouds. Hot coffee in a mug. Bleach blond grass tops white mop. Anything that’s good we like to get. Quote unquote.

Simply Moving

and PALACE FOODS have places to go and things to do, so does bird wingspread plump body green lawns open space the place to be. Two containers with milk, two boxes of rugalach, red and white, cinnamon, maybe and the spice of light.


Compact, economical cumulus clouds today, sometimes sun, intermittent shroud. Decent jeans a pumpkin – face shirt on a little boy. Bronze grass tassels and rich burgundy notes of green maple trees. The autumn air, the fall feel are welcome. Mega ticket has nice numbers 15 23 53 65 70 and 07; the previous draw had a good rhythm to it too. A view of Portland yesterday that is for ME. The sea, a bay a river make a list. Highly concentrated.

F. Stock

Thai pumpkin soup and tawny tops of grasses waving in the breeze are part of the scenery. Maroon, green orange, red and navy blue container colors

@ a scripted L

Potter and a vase

Core containers whites out.

Telemann Two flutes D Major

Tree stumps $5 EA.

White horse. Gleaming, clean wares. A grey homemade box of humble construction and perfect fit and dimension.

Stories of Pennsylvania.


1960 Copper dog. Misty Meadow, misty lane.

Squirrel upon squirrel.