Green Mosaic Heron



landscape Pines walls of fir, fences of twigs, architectural features – feats – of nature. A chickadee, call of hawk, red-head woodpecker. Three birds flying high to begin with, tails like whirligigs – fluttered into triangles. Divots galore from squirrels digging up walnuts. M. Weider. esquire manufacturing. ROCK. 53 degrees at 10:59. Quoined vinyl siding! R c S monogram. The letter M.  and Myles. Kohl coal black. Magnolia buds growing velvety. Outdoor cafe: bird feathers at intervals of forest edge, patching the grass. One milkweed pod. March is here, harboring spring.


carriers, Berryville VA a trip to Bountiful; way beck then. Sala – Sala and bytes of trivya – F. Lee Bailey, doubles tennis and a board of locusts. Proposed ice cream topping turned into beverage. Airo Steel, Indiana appeal. The Egyptian, the Ravel concertina One heron to report, art in Schuykill Haven: glorious watercolor

Supremely Sunny




is posted and reiterated in advertising zones

that and hearts and chocolate

white chocolate cherry biscotti

Flamingo lakes in Chile heron cousins?

Feature image the raptor – fan rapture in Philadelphia. Go Eagles Go!

Snowy white owl Tiger, express; Vivaldi for two oboes, A minor.


decidedly dreary. An overhead road and distance sign east end W’ville, dripping rain frozen into icicles hanging from lower edge with regularity of blanket fringe – by design dictated