twenty, 18

the coming year and the temp range.

oysters mmm.

a balanced magic square from the addends, leaving out three, not 3 but 5, 6 and 8. Nothing doing, but not idle

unwarmly seasonable.


One Iota

Gypsum and phloem the stream of traffic, v. light for day after Christmas. Nota bene.  Plumbing works 2. Chili fixins, brew. 00 something, coffee too. The Reef, for starters. Shoreline and bank.


Holiday Heron

Christmas day 2017 in waning hour of park openness – one bird at shoreline, unfar from the Red Bridge. Mirror water. Crisp as fresh cracker, the air. A few pieces of bark with natural bites. Squirrels astir up and down tree trunks, crashing and crushing into leaves. The heron sits hunched, with a downward flow of feathers from throat and a downstream glance.

Milton Something

Carols – German joy and blessings.



I was alive in ’65.

Harp Ensemble of New York.

Peacock. water. Bullfrog.

Host. Pure Land and peaceful

5:03 p.m. Not so dark, for a few days before the wintermark.

Safety Bulletin Board. The Bethel Barber Shop, not quite a corner quartet as is set back from the main intersection, now dominated by garage yard tree – lit up with nicety.

Star Freight and Fleet.

California plate.


407 007

a little Brandenburg. 233 mirror W is for … R + L . Maurice Andre. Working it. grace Blankets. Loose turkeys Koenig road.


for sale

Remote Starts

Australian Border Collies

Noon News.

A second snow. Grave Blankets.

#2 on trumpet.