Snow pellets on ground. Rounds and evens it out. Accentuates roof shingles eerie irregular abstract fashion. Wind. Cold at 25 degrees, exterior conditions and settings. Groundhog’s Day. Sun, gloom. Starlings not grackles have glommed onto small landscape trees,, integrated into the framework of branches.




Metropolitan Mackerel

Sky light blanket of clouds equal to snow cover – distant mountain blue. Trees varieties spoking toward sky; it is the sun poking through an hour later. creating haze. Geese aplenty on the bend of Tully creek. Birds cry plane drones to experience the footing of path is to press upon with snow moguls in miniature. Now under guise of a mackerel sky and then, a Metropolitan rig, goes with the flow of northbound traffic. Winter Gardens. The ardent in winter go.


list making

squirrel entering sycamore trunk via trumpet bell shape left by a limb; place must be a mansion

Park crew reeling in the holiday light strings7  coils

aheron red bridge lovely, shy enough to fly across the creek not so shy it wouldn’t stay there with me

somber light, no sun

a white feather


a number of pathlings

to the 11 marker rabbit tracks over frozenguadalcanal then sunshine

melted snow with haste